Sunday, March 29, 2009


I can’t hear you, but here’s a link to our art.

Jane DesRosier called us up the other day on an old invention called a “telephone”. Our phone doesn’t ring much these days. But when it does, it’s not like an email. You can actually hear the person’s voice on the other end. Jane’s voice said that she teaches art classes online, and she thinks it would be a good idea if we did too. You may know Jane better as Gritty Arts Studio.
Jane teaches online workshops and is encouraging us to do the same. This really is an intriguing idea to us. We like to pass on what we’ve learned about art…Jo is a natural teacher…and I have had a knack for making short videos ever since I took TV production in high school and did a short stint as a film major.
So, it’s officially on the to-do list…right after the five cheater quilt patterns we’re making…and my Paperhand Lincoln music video, which I’m very close to shooting now that my beat up antique top hat has arrived in the mail.

Jo refuses to let me wear it when I go grocery shopping with her…or by myself.


PS- Thanks, Jane, for reaching out to us!


Old World Primitives said...

I am very excited to hear that you plan to take Jane's suggestion to give an online workshop (I loved hers) - sign me up! :)


Jane said...

You're going to think this is funny...I was googling my own name and made my way here...what a dork, I know!
So, how's the workshop idea going? I know you two are busy..but, remember to call me if you need anything.
Take care,

PS Not sure if you are interested, but Stampington is coming out with a new mag devoted to primitives and has done a call for artwork. You can find out more at my blog.