Sunday, December 27, 2009


Hello, friends.
Here’s what we’ve been working on…

Yes, the website has gotten a makeover, and there’s still more tinkering to be done. I’ve been staring at the computer so much this week that I’ve begun to dream in html, which is okay since I can just use the back browser button whenever something scary happens.
It’s worth visiting our site just to see Jo’s Christmas present to me, which was the head of the Dylan puppet for my music video. It’s a strange feeling to open a box on Christmas morning to find your own head. BACK BROWSER!
We’ve added some wands for sale to our site. We have star wands. . .

. . .moon wands. . .

. . .and crow wands.

We’re planning on constantly adding to the art available there, so check back often.
I hope you all are enjoying the holidays. We had a memorable Christmas. I had a Skype conference call with my parents in Satellite Beach, Florida, and my brother serving in Afghanistan, as well as his wife and two daughters in Maryland. If anyone is interested, my brother was interviewed by C-SPAN, and you can watch it here.

See you next year!


Monday, December 21, 2009


Hello, all.
Here’s the art. . .

No, you haven’t gone mad, the link DOES take you somewhere new this week. Jo and I have decided to start selling a series of limited edition dolls from our website. While we will still list on eBay from time to time, our website is going to be the new focus of our attention. We’ll be making these dolls to order, and we’ll constantly be adding new designs to our repertoire, so you’ll be able to better plan what you want and when you want it. No longer will you fall victim to that eBay sniper that took that one-of-a-kind, never-to-return doll away from you! These dolls will be in limited editions of 25, so they won’t be disappearing so quickly like our dolls have in the past.
You’ll notice at the bottom of our page where the dolls are for sale, we have a section for crafts. These are some quicky, free, crafty, fun, tutorials that Jo has dreamed up for you. There’s one on there now for making a cute little paper deer, but we’ll be updating that section (along with all of the sections) of the website often.

I’ll see you on the other end of Christmas! I hope that this season finds you all merry and bright. (I wear a size 12 shoe in case you’re thinking of getting me socks.)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hi, all.
Here’s the art. . .

Jo and I, along with our son, took advantage of the short school week here and headed out of town to go stay with friends. We agreed to do an ornament swap with them, so we made each of them an ornament with a Lost station symbol on it, along with their name. They’re big fans of the show Lost, and we’re big fans of copyright infringement, so it was a perfect match. I was given a Grinch ornament. Not sure what they were trying to say with that.
We returned home to find out that our daughter (who had stayed behind) had made Christmas cookies from scratch with a friend. Apparently, any ingredient that could not be easily located in the pantry was just left out of the mix. They compensated for this fact by using a kiln like setting on the oven, and forgetting all about them while listening to that new fangled rock and roll. I’m not sure what size the cookies were in the first hour of baking, but a lot of them were about the size of a quarter by the time they had permanently bonded to the cookie sheet.
I could really only stomach eating about three or four.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hello, everyone.
Here’s the art. . .

I normally don’t offer anything for sale directly from these newsletters, mainly because we like eBay’s auction format, and setting prices is hard. But these little folk art guitars that I’m making are the perfect candidate to give it a go. They would make a thoughtful gift to that music lover that’s hard to buy music for, or they could easily be converted into Christmas ornaments. I’ll even put a screw eye and ribbon on top upon request to make it Christmas tree ready.
The acoustic style guitars with the penny sound hole are $18 + $4.95 shipping. They come in black, red, and light brown (for that classic acoustic guitar look.) More info here. . .

The electric style guitars are modeled after a Les Paul. They are $25 + $4.95 shipping. They come in red. . .

. . .and in black. . .

All of the guitars come with a stand made from a bent fork. Fork styles vary depending on availability. As always, we combine shipping. We’ll ship as many guitars as you like in one order for a flat shipping rate of $4.95.
Just write to me to place an order:
Be sure to let me know which style you want and in which available color. They’re all made to order, but there’s still plenty of time to have it there by Christmas. You won’t be invoiced until your order is ready to ship.


PS I can’t leave without giving you some sort of family update. It just wouldn’t feel right.
Our daughter’s ipod finally gave up the ghost after years of service. Her friends can’t believe that she’s had the same one since middle school. Most of them replace theirs each night after dinner. So while she’s between ipods, she decided to get some blank tapes to dub CDs onto for her car’s stereo. I was quite amused at a modern day kid trying to figure out our old school technology.
“You mean I have to listen to the whole CD while it copies?”
“When it gets to the end of side 1, do I have to rewind side 2 to get to the beginning of it?”
“I have to hit play and record at the same time? That’s stupid. How would anyone know that?”