Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hi, all.
Here’s the art. . .

Jo and I, along with our son, took advantage of the short school week here and headed out of town to go stay with friends. We agreed to do an ornament swap with them, so we made each of them an ornament with a Lost station symbol on it, along with their name. They’re big fans of the show Lost, and we’re big fans of copyright infringement, so it was a perfect match. I was given a Grinch ornament. Not sure what they were trying to say with that.
We returned home to find out that our daughter (who had stayed behind) had made Christmas cookies from scratch with a friend. Apparently, any ingredient that could not be easily located in the pantry was just left out of the mix. They compensated for this fact by using a kiln like setting on the oven, and forgetting all about them while listening to that new fangled rock and roll. I’m not sure what size the cookies were in the first hour of baking, but a lot of them were about the size of a quarter by the time they had permanently bonded to the cookie sheet.
I could really only stomach eating about three or four.


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