Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hi, friends.

There's still some Halloween pieces of ours on etsy.
And don't forget to visit the little house of art on our website.

We're home now after a trip to visit our daughter at her new collegiate home, and I'm jealous. It's an endless cycle of reading, naps, pick up games of flag football, and lots of nighttime entertainment like Gypsy Jazz bands and improv comedy. I'm not quite sure it prepares them for a world of working, paying bills, and vehicle repair, but who cares? Let them have their fun.
Our daughter supposedly has two roommates, but we have only spotted one. The other one might be a decoy to get a bigger room, I'm not sure. However many girls actually live there, they all live at the same level of sloppiness, which is a good thing. We wouldn't want our daughter to feel pressured by pockets of tidiness around the room. Our daughter has a lonely fish that mostly plays dead at the bottom of its empty fish bowl. It's lack of activity has earned it the name Stoner Fish.
The other thing I love about campus life is that everyone either rides a bike or walks to their destination. Our daughter wanted to take us to her favorite restaurant, specializing in pumpkin pancakes, but she only knew how to get there by walking on the railroad tracks. She seemed disappointed and a bit disoriented when we took the car. I tried to explain, "We're not walking on the tracks in the rain. We're just going to breakfast, this isn't Stand by Me."


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hi, friends.
We've got some one-of-a-kind pieces up for auction on ebay.
And there's more Halloweeny pieces of ours on etsy.
And then there's always the little house of art on our website.

I realize I haven't taken too many work-in-progress pictures for you. That's usually covered over on Jo's blog, where coherent thoughts are artfully combined with colorful images. But one out of two isn't bad here on my newsletter, so pictures it is. I'm particularly excited about this one, even if he is only half-way finished. We'll be retiring the fork-footed crows soon, and I wanted something in the same spirit to replace it. The forks have become too unpredictable for me to keep working with. The kind that bend well look exactly like the kind that snap in two, and I don't think they'd be too happy with me at the store if I tried to figure out which was which before I bought them. . . although I have performed such stress tests before while no one was looking. Anyway, forks are out, darling, where have you been? Wooden landing gear is all the rage. So I present to you Hughes. . .or the ghost of Hughes, at least until Jo paints him.

You know we're excited about a piece when we name him before he's even painted. He's named after Howard Hughes, of course. Aviator, billionaire, genius inventor, and completely missing a moral barometer. . .all the right ingredients for an interesting biography. So look for Hughes on our website and etsy in the coming weeks. We're headed to parent's weekend up at our daughter's college later this week, so there may be some flight delays for Hughes. But it will be worth the wait.


Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hello, all.
Just a reminder that some of our auctions for one-of-a-kind pieces will end soon, and there will be more listed tonight, which will end in a week. You can find them by clicking this link.

And there's more Halloweeny pieces of ours on etsy.

And don't forget the link to our little house of art on our website.

Links are kind of like elevator buttons. You push them, and you don't really have to worry about the mechanics of how they take you to your desired destination, you just get transported there. Unfortunately, someone hijacked my elevator this week. I'd type something into google, get my list back of websites I might potentially want to visit, but when I clicked on one I'd get taken to where the hacker wanted me to go, which was usually some crummy looking search engine page with lots of ads. Now this just wouldn't do. I felt about the same way you'd feel knowing someone was tinkering with your car at night. Of course I'm going to sit up all night in a tree with a crossbow waiting for them.
But this man-made virus was slippery and had teeth. It disabled windows defender, wouldn't let me search for or download anti-virus programs, and threw up fake security warnings with "clean computer" buttons that I dared not touch. I was finally able to download AVG, a free anti-virus program that all the egg heads recommended, and I now recommend it to you with my own oddly shaped head. Somewhere on my computer I now have a vault where these trojan beasts are housed. Sometimes I visit them and turn into the warden from Cool Hand Luke.
"What we have here is a failure to communicate."


Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello, everyone!
It's October! And we all know what that means. Time is moving too fast!
He have some of our pieces up for auction on ebay. One will end tonight and three more will end on Sunday night. Here they are. . .
And here's where you'll find more Halloweeny pieces of ours on etsy.
And of course, our little house of original art is here, on our website.

I finally got to see the Portland night scene in action this last Thursday night. I helped a friend sell his art on Alberta street, which becomes a makeshift art festival on the last Thursday of each month. There were hipsters on tall bikes, which are a made by welding a couple of bikes together to make a bike that seats its rider about six feet off the ground. There were girls dressed as long-legged fairies on stilts, and there was a fashion show of girls walking down a catwalk of welcome mats laid end to end, each girl sporting a hat made of recycled materials. "You didn't tell me there were fashion models," says Jo with a raised eyebrow.
Jo and I also got to see our son perform in the homecoming parade that marched and princess-waved it's way through town. Seeing him walk like a robot was a nice change from his home position of being slumped over a piece of furniture texting on his iPod touch. The parade didn't stop some of the kids from texting though. Some of them did a pretty good job throwing candy at us with their left hand, while their right hand typed "OMG."