Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hi, friends.
We've got some one-of-a-kind pieces up for auction on ebay.
And there's more Halloweeny pieces of ours on etsy.
And then there's always the little house of art on our website.

I realize I haven't taken too many work-in-progress pictures for you. That's usually covered over on Jo's blog, where coherent thoughts are artfully combined with colorful images. But one out of two isn't bad here on my newsletter, so pictures it is. I'm particularly excited about this one, even if he is only half-way finished. We'll be retiring the fork-footed crows soon, and I wanted something in the same spirit to replace it. The forks have become too unpredictable for me to keep working with. The kind that bend well look exactly like the kind that snap in two, and I don't think they'd be too happy with me at the store if I tried to figure out which was which before I bought them. . . although I have performed such stress tests before while no one was looking. Anyway, forks are out, darling, where have you been? Wooden landing gear is all the rage. So I present to you Hughes. . .or the ghost of Hughes, at least until Jo paints him.

You know we're excited about a piece when we name him before he's even painted. He's named after Howard Hughes, of course. Aviator, billionaire, genius inventor, and completely missing a moral barometer. . .all the right ingredients for an interesting biography. So look for Hughes on our website and etsy in the coming weeks. We're headed to parent's weekend up at our daughter's college later this week, so there may be some flight delays for Hughes. But it will be worth the wait.