Sunday, December 28, 2008


Greetings, all!
I hope those of you that celebrate Christmas had a good one. We did. Here’s what we managed to create while celebrating…

Our kids must be getting older. They slept in on Christmas morning, and even ate breakfast first before slowly and deliberately unwrapping their presents. They even cleaned up the paper when they were done. Who are these kids?

Some of you may remember a few weeks in October when we had little to no original art listed. Did you wonder what we were up to? You probably pictured Jo and I sitting in the shade of a tree, pole fishing and playing a jaw harp. Good guess, but no. We were hard at work making some art to be featured in the next issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine. We made three “cheater quilts” and three matching dolls for them. The magazine hits newsstands on January 6th, but you can see the cover and view the table of contents now online.
Jo and I worked especially hard this past year, but we’re really just getting warmed up. Thanks to all of you who made (and continue to make) our little art business possible.


Monday, December 22, 2008


"Come in! and know me better, man!"

Jo has been recording all of the different versions of A Christmas Carol that were produced over the years. As I watched them, I couldn't help think of what was going on in the world at the time they were filmed. I'd think, "Look out Poland! Hitler's coming!" or "My band played at Johnny's Rockin' Bistro that year." Both highly significant events in human history…
Our work is in a gallery in New York City right now, if you're in the neighborhood and want to drop by to see it, or even buy it. Here's a flyer with all the info.

You'll see neither hide nor hair of me until after Christmas, so make it a memorable one, and I'll see you on the other side.


Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hello, drivers.
Here’s the art that’s listed now, and there will be three more dolls listed on Tuesday. You can even see a “work in progress” picture of them in our current listings.

We just returned from a little overnight trip to see our friends in the Portland area. We were there to celebrate a birthday and an early Christmas. Jo painted three paintings on canvases as gifts, one for each of their kids. We weren’t sure how they’d feel about getting such non-commercial gifts, but they were thrilled.
But the real adventure was in the feat of getting home. We awoke today to a world of snow and icy roads. All the travel advisories said to stay off the roads because it was bad and getting worse by the minute. But that was the real problem, that it was just going to get worse throughout the week, so we decided to head home before we were thrown into the role of the houseguests that just couldn’t leave. I didn’t do too bad driving on the ice for a Florida boy. It’s actually a lot like driving a boat. Jo kept count of the number of cars in ditches, and gave a lot of advice about what lane she’d be in if it were her behind the wheel. Thanks, Jo.
The kids took advantage of the snow once we got home. They were sledding down a nearby hill on a garbage can lid. They wanted me to try it, but I had already witnessed enough sliding for one day.


Sunday, December 7, 2008


Hello, all.
Here's the art…

We are finally decorated for Christmas around here. Last year I think we busted out the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. I guess we've been too busy this year. We're still in shock that it's December already. Our decorations are split into four distinct areas, each with its own theme. We have all of the Santas on a bookshelf. When you put them all in one place, they look kind of like a street gang for bearded, elderly gentleman. Frightening.
Then we have the biblical Christmas area. This consists of a small fake tree on a table with strictly angel and star ornaments, and a nativity scene beneath. Of course, the star of the show in the manger is “Baby Cheese”, as our son used to call him when he was really little. “You know…the one with the powers!”
Then there is the real Christmas tree by the window. It has a healthy assortment of homemade and store bought ornaments. And against my wishes…no tinsel.
Finally, the stockings are hung from the bookshelf with care, with a group of teddy bears wearing paper hats guarding the top shelf. This is probably the most puzzling part. They kind of look like their just waiting around for a birthday party to begin, which I guess they are. Happy birthday, Baby Cheese!


Monday, December 1, 2008


Hello, friends.
Here’s one lonely listing…
A lot of things have contributed with our lack of showing on eBay recently. My parents are visiting from Florida this week, so we’re trying to play hooky as much as possible to visit with them. We’ve also been working on a cheater quilt and some dolls for a gallery in New York City. They will be there for a six week show beginning the second week in December. Here’s a picture for you…

If you want to stop by and see our art there, you can find them in the gallery adjoining the Kicokids clothing store in the Chelsea Market. This gallery show marks the end of our side projects that we’ve taken on outside of our eBay auctions. We’re looking forward to getting back to our normal routine.
Another side project that has taken a bit of my attention has been getting my two albums available for download online. They will be on iTunes soon, but for now at least they are available on the Amazon MP3 site.
Hope you enjoy the art and music!
Until next time…