Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hello, drivers.
Here’s the art that’s listed now, and there will be three more dolls listed on Tuesday. You can even see a “work in progress” picture of them in our current listings.

We just returned from a little overnight trip to see our friends in the Portland area. We were there to celebrate a birthday and an early Christmas. Jo painted three paintings on canvases as gifts, one for each of their kids. We weren’t sure how they’d feel about getting such non-commercial gifts, but they were thrilled.
But the real adventure was in the feat of getting home. We awoke today to a world of snow and icy roads. All the travel advisories said to stay off the roads because it was bad and getting worse by the minute. But that was the real problem, that it was just going to get worse throughout the week, so we decided to head home before we were thrown into the role of the houseguests that just couldn’t leave. I didn’t do too bad driving on the ice for a Florida boy. It’s actually a lot like driving a boat. Jo kept count of the number of cars in ditches, and gave a lot of advice about what lane she’d be in if it were her behind the wheel. Thanks, Jo.
The kids took advantage of the snow once we got home. They were sledding down a nearby hill on a garbage can lid. They wanted me to try it, but I had already witnessed enough sliding for one day.


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