Sunday, December 7, 2008


Hello, all.
Here's the art…

We are finally decorated for Christmas around here. Last year I think we busted out the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. I guess we've been too busy this year. We're still in shock that it's December already. Our decorations are split into four distinct areas, each with its own theme. We have all of the Santas on a bookshelf. When you put them all in one place, they look kind of like a street gang for bearded, elderly gentleman. Frightening.
Then we have the biblical Christmas area. This consists of a small fake tree on a table with strictly angel and star ornaments, and a nativity scene beneath. Of course, the star of the show in the manger is “Baby Cheese”, as our son used to call him when he was really little. “You know…the one with the powers!”
Then there is the real Christmas tree by the window. It has a healthy assortment of homemade and store bought ornaments. And against my wishes…no tinsel.
Finally, the stockings are hung from the bookshelf with care, with a group of teddy bears wearing paper hats guarding the top shelf. This is probably the most puzzling part. They kind of look like their just waiting around for a birthday party to begin, which I guess they are. Happy birthday, Baby Cheese!



Kipik said...

hehe! baby Cheese! love that!

Anonymous said...

You spelled "they're" like "their!" Blast you!!