Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hi, friends.

There's still some Halloween pieces of ours on etsy.
And don't forget to visit the little house of art on our website.

We're home now after a trip to visit our daughter at her new collegiate home, and I'm jealous. It's an endless cycle of reading, naps, pick up games of flag football, and lots of nighttime entertainment like Gypsy Jazz bands and improv comedy. I'm not quite sure it prepares them for a world of working, paying bills, and vehicle repair, but who cares? Let them have their fun.
Our daughter supposedly has two roommates, but we have only spotted one. The other one might be a decoy to get a bigger room, I'm not sure. However many girls actually live there, they all live at the same level of sloppiness, which is a good thing. We wouldn't want our daughter to feel pressured by pockets of tidiness around the room. Our daughter has a lonely fish that mostly plays dead at the bottom of its empty fish bowl. It's lack of activity has earned it the name Stoner Fish.
The other thing I love about campus life is that everyone either rides a bike or walks to their destination. Our daughter wanted to take us to her favorite restaurant, specializing in pumpkin pancakes, but she only knew how to get there by walking on the railroad tracks. She seemed disappointed and a bit disoriented when we took the car. I tried to explain, "We're not walking on the tracks in the rain. We're just going to breakfast, this isn't Stand by Me."


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