Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello, everyone!
It's October! And we all know what that means. Time is moving too fast!
He have some of our pieces up for auction on ebay. One will end tonight and three more will end on Sunday night. Here they are. . .
And here's where you'll find more Halloweeny pieces of ours on etsy.
And of course, our little house of original art is here, on our website.

I finally got to see the Portland night scene in action this last Thursday night. I helped a friend sell his art on Alberta street, which becomes a makeshift art festival on the last Thursday of each month. There were hipsters on tall bikes, which are a made by welding a couple of bikes together to make a bike that seats its rider about six feet off the ground. There were girls dressed as long-legged fairies on stilts, and there was a fashion show of girls walking down a catwalk of welcome mats laid end to end, each girl sporting a hat made of recycled materials. "You didn't tell me there were fashion models," says Jo with a raised eyebrow.
Jo and I also got to see our son perform in the homecoming parade that marched and princess-waved it's way through town. Seeing him walk like a robot was a nice change from his home position of being slumped over a piece of furniture texting on his iPod touch. The parade didn't stop some of the kids from texting though. Some of them did a pretty good job throwing candy at us with their left hand, while their right hand typed "OMG."


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