Monday, December 21, 2009


Hello, all.
Here’s the art. . .

No, you haven’t gone mad, the link DOES take you somewhere new this week. Jo and I have decided to start selling a series of limited edition dolls from our website. While we will still list on eBay from time to time, our website is going to be the new focus of our attention. We’ll be making these dolls to order, and we’ll constantly be adding new designs to our repertoire, so you’ll be able to better plan what you want and when you want it. No longer will you fall victim to that eBay sniper that took that one-of-a-kind, never-to-return doll away from you! These dolls will be in limited editions of 25, so they won’t be disappearing so quickly like our dolls have in the past.
You’ll notice at the bottom of our page where the dolls are for sale, we have a section for crafts. These are some quicky, free, crafty, fun, tutorials that Jo has dreamed up for you. There’s one on there now for making a cute little paper deer, but we’ll be updating that section (along with all of the sections) of the website often.

I’ll see you on the other end of Christmas! I hope that this season finds you all merry and bright. (I wear a size 12 shoe in case you’re thinking of getting me socks.)


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