Monday, August 3, 2009


Hiya, all.
Here’s the art, as usual…

Some of you may recall that a few newsletters ago (#187.5 to be exact) I mentioned that we had a friend staying with us for the week. We invited Matt to come stay with us so that we could help him get his art business going. But it’s hard to come to Lincoln City and not fall in love with the place…at least if you come during the summer. So after returning to Portland for about six weeks, we’ve invited him back to stay with us while he looks for work and a place to live, all while pushing his art business forward.
We don’t have any empty rooms this time around, so I set up a tent for him inside the garage. Jo thought that sounded like a terrible place to put a guest, but she doesn’t understand us dudes. After Matt’s gone, I may just leave the tent up so I can sleep next to my puppet set as I finish my next two videos.
Our daughter just returned from a three day folk music festival. Her and a friend camped out in a field and listened to music with a community of people that apparently all dress like me (according to her.) She called from the road on the way home asking if half a tank sounded like enough gas to get her back, since they had spent all of their money on shirts and posters. Just what we wanted to hear. She did make it home on fumes and headed right for the shower, rinsing off what I thought were dark socks on her bare feet.


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Michelle (Shell) May said...

I can hardly stand it. I sit here reading your posts and laugh and laugh and laugh! Not only do I love you and jo's art, but I love your humor as well! My kinda people. :) I've added you both to my blogroll so I can share the fun.
bunny hugs,