Tuesday, October 20, 2009


OK, people. This is it.
Cue sound.
Jo paints her nails and some dolls…take one.
Cue art.

Yes, we’ve been working this week on recording an instructional video. I rigged up an overhead camera and sat next to Jo as she painted. I know, that sounds like I was being a pest, but she asked me to. When Jo wasn’t busy explaining the process, I asked her questions. So the two of us sitting there talking while she painted pretty much inspired the rest of its production. I’m interviewing Jo in a podcast style, and we’re using that conversation to fill in the gaps when Jo was just quietly painting. I’m hoping to make it sound natural, like one fluid conversation, but if it ends up sounding more like a director's commentary turned on, then I’m OK with that too. I haven’t interviewed Jo yet. What would you ask her if you were me?


Fine print: Not all questions will be asked. Some may simply be alluded to. Others will be rearranged word by word to form different questions to which there are no answers. Entries not valid in all states. Contact your local chamber of commerce for additional regulations.

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CA said...

Hi there, love your work. My question would be what is the very best way of transferring face details from your patterns to the doll blank?
Thank you.