Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hello art fans.
Here’s our art. . .

One of the places from my past that had a big influence on me was the Maitland Art Center in Florida. It was just a short walk from our house, but it looked more like something you’d stumble upon out in the jungle. . .the ruins of some confused tribe of people long since gone.

There is a series of gardens and outdoor passages all lined with walls depicting Christian, Mayan, and Aztec deities in sculpted concrete bas-reliefs. A heavenly angel could be just feet away from the terrifying scowl of a pagan god baring his teeth. When I was a kid, I knew every inch of the place. I knew which metal flower on the iron gate to turn and open it, and I knew which wall to jump when it was locked. I knew which bricks to remove to turn on the spigot and start the water flowing from the god’s mouth.
When I got older, Jo and I got married there at the outdoor chapel. Just a few days before the wedding, we showed up for the rehearsal to find the place locked. I jumped up on the wall and told the pastor I’d look inside for something for him to stand on so he could get in too.

Years later, I’d take my kids to the shuffleboard court in the shade of the oaks behind the art center to play. We didn’t play shuffleboard. I don’t remember ever seeing anyone play shuffleboard there. There were way too many acorns blanketing the court for that, so we made up our own games. The kids would run erratically around the court, and I’d try to bomb them by lobbing fists full of acorns at them. The chances of hitting them were slim, but it made them feel tricky to outmaneuver my missiles.
I’d like to go back and visit when I’m on that side of the continent again, but google maps and image searches will have to do for now.


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Kipik said...

Looks like a place made for memories!