Monday, June 14, 2010


Hello, graduates!
Here's our latest work. . .

Just a reminder that today, June 14th, is the last day of our "things with wings" sale. Everything on our website with wings is still 20% off through today. Just email us for your discounted invoice.
Our daughter graduated high school this week. Well, more than just graduated. . .she was her school's Valedictorian, and we are proud beyond words. Her Valedictorian speech was brief, which was probably a wise decision on her part. I hate to say it, but I think the internet, with its instant smorgasbord of light entertainment like youtube, has shortened our society's attention span. The audience held their tongues for the first couple of speakers, but every speaker to follow was given less and less respect. Somewhere inside me, my mind was channeling an 80 year old basketball coach, dying to yell, "Grab some wood there, bub, and button it!"
After the ceremony, the graduates went to grad-nite, where a hypnotist entertained them by making them sniff each other and lip synch Britney Spears songs. Next year I propose they have the hypnotist be the first speaker at the graduation ceremony, where his services can do some good.


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