Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm back!
Sorry to have been gone so long.
We finally have some new pieces listed both on etsy and our website.
Click away. . .

Our daughter will be coming home soon for one of the longest Thanksgiving weekends I've ever seen scheduled, about 9 days long. I say she's coming "home" but she doesn't call this house home. She calls it "my parents' house" since she never lived here. But we want it to feel like the home she knew before we moved, so we've transformed the craft room/ junk room/ guest room into something that resembles her old room. We painstakingly peeled the springtime themed decals off the walls and painted over the worst shade of pink ever mixed in a paint can, choosing instead a nice off-white. We put up a few decorations, and suddenly it became the best looking room in the house. To be honest, the other bedrooms weren't giving it much competition. Would you believe that our bedroom isn't decorated in the slightest? I know. I'm surprised too. It kind of looks like a room in a halfway house, without any art on the walls and a cheap particle board dresser in the corner. I guess after living and breathing art the rest of the day, Jo just wants somewhere void of all art to collapse and recharge. Our son's room is definitely no match for our daughter's new room. It looks like someone placed a bomb inside the dirty cloths hamper.



Anonymous said...

"It looks like someone placed a bomb inside the dirty cloths hamper. "

I remember that look.

Kipik said...

I haven't visited in a while. great stuff guys as always! and always a pleasure to read your witty blog!!!