Monday, January 31, 2011


Is it almost Valentine's Day again?
When are us guys going to catch a break?
Here are our Valentine friends. . .

You can find them here. . .
Our garage is the man cave. Who else would want it? With bikes parked, garbage and recycling cans guarding the door, a crusty mower waiting for spring, and boxes upon boxes of the past. Who wants this junky room?
I do. I'll plant a flag in it. It's mine.
Here's something made in the man cave recently.

I'm working on my music video, and this contraption holds a Christmas bulb up to my video camera. It gives it a fish eye lens type effect, but with those scratches and imperfections that you just can't get from using digital effects. Plus, I can spend hours pulling faces into that Christmas bulb. I can make my nose big enough to smell cheese steaks in Philly.


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