Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hi all!
We have added a new member to our little family. She's living up on Jo's shelf. Here she is. . .

And of course the rest of the art can be found here.We just celebrated Jo's birthday back in Lincoln City on the Oregon coast. We had a relaxing time there staying in this bed and breakfast place that Jo's mom got for us for the night. But I think if they tried to squeezed one more nautical knick knack in there, the whole place would sink into the dune. There was a pool table in the living room that kept us entertained, until we gave up on the sticks and played the hand version of pool/air hockey that always results in bruised fingernails. We're still kids after all.
In other news, Kim Chernecky recently interviewed us for her blog. So if you're not already tired of hearing me talk, go check it out. There's a bit of our history as working artists discussed in it, so if you're curious about our story you can find it here.
Happy birthday to Jo, and if you have a birthday this year or possibly next year, happy birthday to you as well!


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