Friday, May 13, 2011


So...what have I been up to since I stopped writing these newsletters? Well, much to the dismay of the neighbors who peek in our garage every time the garage door opens, I've made a guillotine.

I'm slowly working on my next puppet music video, and I wanted a real show stopper for the finale.

Much of this guillotine is made out of recycled wood that used to be Jo's desk top shelf for her art supplies.

Originally I thought I'd paint the whole thing brown when I was done, but this was the first cheerfully decorated guillotine I could remember seeing, so I left it as is.

The blade, which is actually quite dull, had a previous life as the lid to our bread box, which looked like this. . .

I hate to throw stuff away if I can reuse it. You'll be seeing the bamboo cutting board part of that bread box soon, when my electric bike kit finally gets here and I outfit my bike with various bits and bobs that would make Sanford and Son proud. The giant 16 lb. lithium battery for the bike is already here, so we're just waiting on the slow boat from China to bring my motor. Then I'll be able to leave my car parked while I zip past gas stations on my electric bike, leaving puzzled onlookers wondering, "Was that a bread box?"



Anita said...

This seems like it will work out fine...I would hate to miss out on your take on life...BUT I have subscribed to these feeds before and they promtly fly out into cyberspace never to be seen by me again...I'm the Gramma who knows how to blog but the feed thing I don't get. I can hop on over here from Jo's blog and see what you're up to if I can't figure out how to get back...I hope I can because I am missing out on lots of good sites I'm subscribed to...silly ole cumputerland!

KLC said...

I only just got your "last" newsletter. Yes, to the BBC! The first time I watched/listened to it I was cleaning the kitchen. After what seemed like many news stories, I thought, "Wow, it must be on 60 minutes instead of 30." I checked...It had been on less than 15 minutes! And so much news! It was glorious. I'm still waiting to hear on American news about drought so severe in South American mountain areas that even llamas are dying. I never realized so much was happening in so many countries compared to minute tidbits in US news. No wonder other countries believe we ignore them. We aren't ignoring...we just don't hear about it!!! I also watch Russian news in English--surprisingly neutral--Euro News, Spanish, Italian and at times Korean and Japanese. I feel the most informed worldwide that I have in decades...