Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hello, and whatcha know?
First order of business... pictures of my electric bike are a bit overdue, I think. So here 'tis.

Jo helped me wrap the battery up in canvas that I butchered from my old guitar gig bag, so that bag can continue to follow me on my adventures, even if I don't play in bands anymore.

It's sitting on what used to be our breadbox, which as you can imagine never saw too many adventures... unless you count making toast. I pretty much ride this thing everywhere now, which is greatly increasing my odds of kissing the pavement, so I'm thinking about getting some knee pads. A lot of cars misjudge my speed and pull out in front of me, since I now travel at twice the speed of your average middle-aged dude on a bike.
I'm still working on my music video. I needed to do some screen tests to try out my TV head, so I worked that footage into a little video for you.

I used a song fragment that I wrote and sped it up, the result of which is quite ridiculous. Jo says my song is catchy, which was a compliment the first time she said it. But she looks less and less pleased the more she finds herself singing it. Catchy like the flu, I guess.
And last but certainly not least, we've got some new designs listed on etsy, so if you're not too busy trying to erase my song from your head with a taser, stop by and check them out.


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