Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hello, long lost friends.
Here’s what we’ve been up to…

This newsletter is about the newsletter. If you have an AOL account, this may be the first one you’ve seen in a long while. It seems that computers have launched their master plan of taking over the world by beginning to decide what’s best for us. For the last few years, the newsletter has been sent out in batches of about 50 using the BCC line for your addresses. BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy, and it keeps everyone else on the list from seeing your email address. The problem is that this is also one of the ways that people send out millions of emails offering cheap Viagra and fake Rolexes. So even though you signed up to get my emails, some computer somewhere has been throwing them in an electronic dumpster.
To solve the problem, I’m offering a couple of options for you.
#1. The Blog- The newsletters will now be posted on my blog…
Jo’s been telling me for awhile how much better it is than emails. One shortcoming of it is that you asked for front door service. With a blog, you’ll have to say, “Say, I wonder what ol’ Dylan’s up to” and go looking on your own for the answer. It’s a bit like going to the periodical section at the library to read the newspaper. But I do like the format, and sharing pictures is easier, so it should be cool.
#2. Emails through my new Google Group…


The newsletters can continue to be delivered to you just as before, but they will be sent through this Google Group once you join. Just follow the link above, then click on the “apply for group membership” link. It will then ask you if you will accept emails from me or not. Once you agree to emails, you’re done! As before, no one in the group can see who else is in the group. I set it up just for announcements, which is perfect for these newsletters.
I know we’ll lose some folks in this transition, but what can be done? The difference is, the people left out will be choosing to be left out. Right now, I have so many people writing and asking “what happened to the newsletters?” And if you’re wondering how I’m going to get this email to all those AOL customers with the tight email security, the answer is one at a time. I’ll send next week’s newsletter the old way, through the google group, and post it on the blog. But after that, the old way is history.
Thanks for reading!


Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

You are added to my favorites!!! Can't go without reading your newsletters. You always bring a smile. Thanks!! Chatty Kathy

Nicky said...

Oh, how sad that I missed last weeks newsletter and so did not have a chance to bid on the catfish.It is wonderfull!!!