Sunday, May 25, 2008

# 132

Here’s what we’ve been working on…

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I’ve said before that we measure distances out here in Oregon in driving time instead of miles, but I may have to amend that. I think I’ll start measuring distance in dollar amounts for gas. For example, I drove $45 to Eugene and back to look at a “car” for our daughter. It was another 1970-something VW Squareback. That’s why I put “car” in quotes. The more of these I see, the more I’m convinced that it should be referred to as a driving contraption. The engine is practically a motorcycle engine, and it’s located in the back. There’s no power steering or power brakes, and the pedals come up through the floorboard and look like they belong on a WWII glider. This model is her first choice for a car, but I think I’m going to have to scratch it off the list in the name of safety and practicality. Man, I am getting old.
Our son has decided not to play baseball this year. We try to let our kids make decisions for themselves, but this one hurts. Jo really liked getting out of the house and having an excuse to be social at the ballpark. We don’t want our boy to become a recluse like his dad, and count the guy at the post office as a friend.
It’s Memorial Day weekend, so be careful on the roads! Gas prices may be high, but beer is still cheap, so look both ways before you cross.


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grmybmy said...

Hi Dylan! I have been a reader of yours for over a year, and I love your little bits about your weeks. Well done. I will be following along here on the blog, and while I am not a collector, I love seeing CBTH's work. I have a blog of my own on this site, if you have nothing to do someday and want to check it And, best of luck with your two teens. Fight the good fight--they're worth it!