Sunday, June 1, 2008


Hello again, friends.
Here’s what we have ready for you, and there should be more listed on Tuesday.

We recently made a Frida Kahlo portrait doll for an online magazine called Small Magazine. I believe they had their photo shoot today with some kids holding our doll. We’ll send you a link to it when the photo is posted. I love seeing pictures of our work in unfamiliar hands or on someone else’s wall. I sent a guitar wall hanging to Kat Von D. for just that reason. If you aren’t familiar with her, she’s a tattoo artist that has a show called LA Ink. I’m hoping that I tune in next season to see my guitar hanging in the shop. She sent me an autographed picture to say thanks for the free art. I feel a bit embarrassed by the picture, so it’s just tucked in a drawer somewhere instead of on display. I mean, I’m not a teenager. I’m 35 and married, so I can’t exactly hang up pictures of girls. The day it arrived, I showed it to our son. He just teased me in a slow, dunce voice. “My dad’s gotta crush on a tattoo lady.” Wise guy.
But the effort to get my guitar in the televised tattoo shop was my obsession weeks ago. I’ve shifted my attention to electric bikes. With gas prices over $4 a gallon, I’m trying to walk or ride my bike whenever I can instead of burning fossil fuels. But it’s so hilly out here that an electric powered bike would get me out of my car that much more, since I could zip all over town with ease. My family is pretty much sick of hearing about electric bikes. I’ll know they’ve reached their breaking point if they hang up the autographed picture of “the tattoo lady.” That should shut me up.

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