Sunday, June 8, 2008


Hello, all.
Here’s our week’s work, for your viewing pleasure.

Jo and I are quite pleased with the picture in Small Magazine of our Frida Kahlo doll in the arms of such a sweet child. It’s an online magazine, so you can put your keys away. There’s no need to rush out to the news stand. Just click here to see Frida.
They did a scathing article on us too, uncovering the corrupt underbelly of our so-called “art empire.” No, not really. They were kind, and quoted Jo liberally. . .while I was presumably somewhere else and not available for comment. Actually, I was probably hovering nearby Jo while she sat and answered the questions, dropping crumbs from my sandwich on her back and asking, “whatcha doin’?” Probably none of that is true either, but I like picturing these scenarios. Anyway, here’s the first page of the article.
There are only three days left of school, so we’ll soon be entertaining our son around the clock. Our daughter doesn’t seem to need much of our attention. Just headphones. But our boy is right there at our elbows ready to tell us how bored he is. I’m usually the first one to break, and the two of us end up exploring dirt roads on our bikes together or skipping rocks into the ocean. He tries to get me to play video games too, but I haven’t mastered anything past Pac-man. Even Ms. Pac-man is too new for me.


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Jo James said...

Hello, my sweet.
You're funny.
I like you.

Happy Anniversary.