Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy Father’s Day!
Here’s what we made when we weren’t busy celebrating me…

Besides making sure that my dad knows that I love and appreciate him, Father’s day around here means that I get the remote. That’s right, on this one magical day a year, I don’t have to suffer through “Groomer Has It.”
Really, Jo? A reality show about dog groomers?
My shows are about crab fishing, Nazis, cops, tattoos and motorcycles. I sew dolls for a living, so I have to compensate, OK?
It’s amazing what a comma can do. I nearly just invented a show about crab fishing Nazis. Yes!
I was looking through our enormous collection of digital photos of our art the other day with a friend. The sheer number of pieces that we’ve made in the last few years was staggering to see. I’m glad that I couldn’t see into the future before we began this venture because I would probably be paralyzed by the vision of all that work ahead. It’s much more comforting to see it in your rear view mirror. It’s easier to just look down when you’re climbing a hill, putting one foot in front of the other. Now I’m confused. Am I walking or driving in this analogy?


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