Sunday, June 29, 2008


Here’s what we managed to get listed today…

It’s only about half of what we were working on, but we’ll have the rest listed on Tuesday. Jo’s parents had a vow renewal ceremony the other day, so we have been visiting with family members that came for the occasion. We babysat a little three year old cousin named Lucy last night whose favorite game was “Put the kitten in the box.” The little black cat resisted at first, but ended up taking a nap in the box after numerous escape attempts.
Our new kitten, Juno, has only been with us a few days. We went to the pound with a good idea of what we were looking for: a black, purring, shoulder cat. I’m not so sure the folks at the pound are trying very hard to get these cats adopted though. We got barked at for petting the friendlier cats through the cage bars. “If a cat bites you, it will be euthanized!” A t-shirt slogan if I’ve ever heard one. Thankfully, Juno did not bite. She just climbed up onto my shoulder and began purring. Sold!
I’ve been riding my bike all over town with my son ever since the Oregon sky began it’s summer mode. We were riding on the sidewalk the other day along highway 101 when my son became distracted by something and ran directly into a telephone pole. He banged his helmeted head and his shoulder hard enough to see stars. He couldn’t lift his arm, so I sat him on a park bench and took off for home to retrieve the car. Once we got him home, I lifted his shirt to look at his injured shoulder. It looked like the bones were trying to pop right out. I looked at his good shoulder for comparison, and it looked exactly the same. What can you do? The kid’s just plain boney. He has since made a full recovery, but we may want to fatten him up before we lose him to a heavy wind.

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