Friday, July 4, 2008


Am I early?
Here’s that familiar link for you. Click it now to see this week’s art, and click it again Sunday night to see the new batch.
I’m writing the newsletter now because we are going to be on the road this weekend, along with everyone else, unfortunately. Our son just had his 13th birthday, so we’re packing him off to Rock School in Portland for his birthday present. He’ll be instructed in the fine art of guitar smashing and kicking in TV sets. There may be some musical instruction as well if the disturbing rumors are true.
The other reason that I’m writing now is to let you know we’re trying something new this week. We have the Frida Kahlo doll that was featured in Small Magazine up for sale on Jo’s blog now. Here’s a link if you’re interested.

Our eBay auctions will automatically get posted at our usual time this Sunday while we sit in traffic somewhere on our way to Portland. I know gas is expensive everywhere now, but we’re above the national average here in Oregon. This is partly because we can’t pump our own gas here, so the attendants’ wages are tacked on. Regular gas is $4.36 a gallon here, so I plan on firing my engine up only to go up hills. Downhill is free. That should make me quite a popular obstacle out on the highway.


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HappyDayArt! said...

You'll be pleased to know that my gas is $4.69 here in the San Francisco Bay area. Great idea about coasting down the hills. Do you think that will work?

Fantastic doll