Sunday, July 13, 2008


We’re back from Portland!
Here’s what we’ve made since our ears stopped ringing…

Our son just finished five days at The School of Rock in downtown Portland. The school wasn’t in the best neighborhood, but I guess that’s where you can turn your amp up to 11 without getting hassled by “the man.” After the first day, our son reported, “ I learned how to play with a pick…and I think I saw a hooker.”
The kids performed at Berbati’s Pan on the last night of the camp. Our son played lead guitar on “Rebel Rebel” by David Bowie, and “Proud Mary” by Credence Clearwater Revival. I wanted to post the video I took of the event, but I feel a little strange about posting video of the other kids in the band without their permission. You’ll just have to imagine it, I suppose. There were lots of sunglasses being worn, odd hats, and white jeans tie dyed a rainbow of colors. It looked like my Junior High yearbook put to music.
We stayed with friends in the area for the week. Our friend, Jim, thinks we’ve become hillbillies because we marvel at how many stores there are in his neck of the woods. So we shopped, went to the movies, and ate out a lot. Our friend, Amy, is a chef at a fine dining restaurant. She sent out course after course to our table without us ever seeing a menu or a check. Thanks, Amy!
But it’s nice to be home with our cat and our dog and our hillbilly ways. We like that there’s only one big road in our town, Highway 101. And in a way, we like that there aren’t any fancy stores here. We don’t need half the things we already have.


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