Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hello, friends!
Here’s the art…

You may have noticed on Jo’s blog, as well as mine, that there has appeared a link to “Cart Before The Horse Merchandise.” No, friends, this does not lead you to our familiar spot on eBay, but to our new shop on Café Press. We’ve decided to put images of our artwork on an array of items like mugs, shirts, clocks. There are only a couple of images available now, but we’re working hard at adding a lot more soon. We have a huge stack of CDs that are filled with pictures of our past work, and they have just been sitting here waiting patiently for us to put them to use. There are pumpkins, skeletons, devils, angels, donkeys, elephants, and countless others on the way, so be sure to check back as we update our store.

We went as a family to go see the movie WALL-E yesterday. I don’t know what I expected, but was pleasantly surprised at how original it was. Before the movie started, our son eyed everyone that entered the theatre suspiciously, trying to gauge how talkative they looked. I’m sure he had an exact mental count of how many kids under 3 were in there with us. He comes by this aversion to background noise honestly. Our whole family is spoiled by headphones. We watch TV with headphones, listen to music with headphones… use headphones anytime there is a headphone jack. Our house is usually quiet, except for occasional laughter that seems to erupt out of nowhere, and may even prompt a second person to get out the splitter and plug in too.
A movie theatre with headphone jacks on the armrests is a wonderful idea, don’t you think? You wouldn’t have to wait for the action scenes to open your bag of skittles.


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