Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hello, everyone.
Here’s our week’s work…

It’s hard to tell what month it is living in our house. You might guess that it’s October with all of the Halloween art around here. Then by the time it gets to be October, I’m sure it will look more like Christmas. And when you see the guillotine being built…you guessed it…Bastille Day!
The last time I mentioned Bastille day in the newsletter, a family friend replied saying that he’d like to see us create and auction off a Marie Antoinette doll with a removable head. I think it’s a first rate idea, but I’ve had a hard time convincing Jo. She’s a bit more cautious than me about offending people (which isn’t saying much.)
In an effort to figure out where all of our money goes, we kept a spending journal last week, writing down every last cent that we spent. Since food is one of the few expenses that we can really control, we set a strict budget for ourselves. Without going into all the boring details, I discovered that the four modest splurges we made that week on fast food made up 33% of what we spent on food for the week. The lesson here is, it’s cheaper to assemble your own Happy Meals. And when you do that, the toys improve quite a bit too. While munching on some home-made fries, our son was shocked to discover the Marie Antoinette toy at the bottom of the bag, complete with a guillotine ketchup dispenser.


old world primitives said...

Hehe! I laughed at the last line.

asya d. said...

cute little crows flew right through my arms. wheh :(
next time i'm going to the hunt with butterfly net.

thank you for your art.