Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hello, friends.
Here’s the art. We hope you like it.

Jo’s in an online group for artists called EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Artists’ Group.) They recently posed a challenge to their members to create Carnival Halloween themed art. So we have two pieces up for auction now on this theme: The Strongman and Barnum Bones (the unicycle riding skeleton.) I had a great time making the unicycle. I’m really fond of mechanical looking things.
Yesterday was a busy day for us and our kids. Our son had his first soccer game, which kept him running on his already sore legs. He’s used to baseball, which involves a lot more waiting around than actual sprinting. Our daughter had a performance last night with her jazz band, The Lincoln Pops. She’s definitely a character, playing bass in this band full of senior citizens. When they introduced her, she gave a wave to the audience that can only be described as an animatronic princess in a parade. This may be the best thing about working from home, we don’t have to miss these moments with our kids.


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