Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hello again.
Here’s the art, as usual…

I know we usually don’t say what we’re working on, but I’m too excited about this one to keep it quiet. It’s a Barack Obama portrait doll! Like all of our dolls, it will really just be meant for display. . .but you could play with it, I suppose, if you were so inclined. You might consider making him sink 3 point shots on the basketball court, or fist bump the other dolls in your collection. Hopefully, it will be more relevant in ten years than our Dukakis doll ever was.
We just had company here at the house the last couple of days, and I’m worn out from playing tennis with our friend’s eight year old, Emily. I may be somewhat liberal in calling it “tennis.” We hit a ball back and forth at the end of our dead end street. If it bounced less than three times between hits, we were doing pretty good, and if we managed to find the ball in the weeds between plays, we were doing excellent. If my knees would stop hurting soon, that would be more than I could wish for.


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