Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hello, drivers.
Here’s our week’s work…

I’ve got cars on the brain this week. Our daughter is 16, and just days away from getting her license. I’ve been trying to find a used car for her all week, but it’s been frustrating so far. I’ve been using Craigslist to look for an automatic Volvo Wagon in my price range. That narrows the search down quite a bit, but most of them are found a good two hours away in Portland. I went with my brother-in-law, Andrew, the other day to the same Volvo shop where I bought my last car. The car I had my eye on from Craigslist was up on the lift when we arrived. Apparently, they had advertised it before tending to it’s growing list of ailments. The owner of the shop was just as I remembered him, minus the “Members Only” jacket he sported last December. Andrew and I walked around the corner and went bowling at a place the owner recommended while we waited. I’m convinced that my right arm is longer than my left now as a result. We could have bowled all week, and that car still wouldn’t have been finished, so we returned to the coast with the same number of wheels that we left with. I’ll try again tomorrow. I have an appointment to see a guy named Rocky that refers to his Volvo Wagon as “she.” Let’s hope she’s a looker.


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Anonymous said...

The first car I helped my son by ended up being a clunker - and he worked for the dealer! The second one I like, it has airbags on the sides as well as dash - so this is the one he'll have for a few years. I hated the car buying/insurance thing for the kids. Great story!