Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hello, friends!
Here’s the art…

The search for our daughter’s first car has ended, and victory is mine! I found this old Volvo wagon in near mint condition. Here’s a picture of her with it.

These old Volvo wagons are tanks. If I could mount a machinegun turret, I’d do it. It would give defensive driving a whole new meaning.
Jo has a meeting with the kid’s principal this week. They’re discussing her teaching art there at the school in a free lance type arrangement. Nothing is set yet, but she’s hoping to get out of the house and interact with some people for a change. Since we both work at home, I’m the only company she has…and she tells me I’m as exciting to be around as a tree. I guess I don’t talk much. There are actually a lot of interesting conversations going on here, but they’re all in my head. I need to remember to use my mouth for more than just making random sound effects. Poor Jo.


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