Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hello there.
Here’s the art, my friends…

I’ve never been good at keeping track of time. Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve mastered seconds, minutes, and hours. I’m freakishly punctual. But weeks, months, and years elude me. I was just getting used to the idea of it being October, and here it is half way through November. Jo and I don’t have any Christmas shopping done yet, even though we were finished with it by this time last year. I guess we’ve just been too busy. Our kids have typed up their Christmas lists and printed them out in some cheery holiday font that’s supposed to distract us from noticing how INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE everything is on their lists! One year when I was a kid, I remember having just one thing on my list. It was one of those magnetic pens that you used to grab the metal flakes and paint hair on the bald man’s head. If you were born in the 80’s or later, you probably think I’m making this up. Those were simpler times, my friend. We didn’t have iPods. If we wanted to instantly hear our favorite song, we had to hum…and fake our way through the verses until we got to the part we knew.
‘Nuff said for now.



Diane Duda said...

We haven't started shopping yet either. And I'm certain my boys would not appreciate getting any of the girly stuff I make.
Hopefully there will be granddaughters someday.


~ your posts always make me smile. :)...see

sf said...

Having just discovered your all's art, I am, of course, all admirey. And thinking "too bad I have no $$ to support ANOTHER artist". (Besides myself, and the passel of offspring and theirs that MY husband and I somehow ended up with.) Then too, your posts are not just making me smile, they are actually cracking me up.
So, thanks. I'll be back!