Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hello, citizens.
Here's the last link in the world that it's safe to click on…

My ears don't feel right anymore. I've been wearing headphones plugged into CNN since the primaries, and now it's all over and my head is bare. Should I plug back into my turntable? (Man, that's old school.) No, wait. There's still the lame duck period, the inauguration, the first 100 days, the 2012 campaign.
I admit. I'm addicted to CNN.
Jo has cracked open our ridiculously heavy wooden trunk containing all of the kids' art and other projects that we've kept over the years. If you were here, I could hand you all sorts of funny pictures and essays, but you'll have to settle for one way cool octopus that our daughter drew at the age of seven.

We also have a handful of VHS tapes with home movies from the early 90's. The images are already starting to deteriorate, so we'd better transfer them to DVDs soon. We wouldn't want to miss conversations like this…
"Is Daddy old?"
"Daddy not old. Daddy new!"


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