Monday, November 3, 2008


Hello, trick-or-treaters.
It's our 155th newsletter!
That's totally insignificant, so here's the art…

I hope you all had a happy Halloween and didn't get too many tooth brushes in your candy bag. Our son had five friends spend the night on Halloween. I asked two things of them: no colored drinks in the room with the white carpet, and don't leave your candy where the dog, Tuesday, could get to it. They were surprisingly attentive about the drinks, but left a giant tub of candy on the floor of a room that they accidentally locked the dog in. Poor Tuesday looked sticky and regretful the rest of the day, but managed to survive his gluttony.
Jo started teaching the after school art program this past week. It got off to a shaky start, and she felt like she got treated like a substitute teacher the first day. Things improved a great deal her next day back when she gave them a better idea of who she was, and the amount of attention and respect that she would be expecting from them. Now that the kids are in line, she just has to work on the school's art teacher, who obviously feels threatened. When she heard Jo would be putting their neglected kiln to use, she barricaded the door shut where it was housed. Jo just whistled up some helpers to liberate it. That's my girl.


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Anonymous said...

Sad the teacher feels so threatened but hey...if she did her job Jo wouldn't be there.