Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hello, friends and family. Here’s what we have finished…

…and there hopefully will be more to come on Tuesday.
Our daughter is in Florida this week at a cousin’s wedding. It should be very different around here without her, but it’s not. I’m just pretending that she’s in her room all week watching movies, which is her favorite activity at home in her scant amount of free time. When she goes off to college in a couple of years, I’ll just have to imagine a movie that’s four years long. . .like “Gandhi.”
We don’t always have money for presents, but we can make just about anything we can think of. Here’s the wedding present Jo made to send along with our daughter.

Every year Jo has the idea of a Christmas with nothing but home made presents, but we’ve never done it. Maybe this will be the year our son gets that Xbox shaped quilt he’s been dreaming of.


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