Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hello, all.
Here's the art, as usual…

You see a lot of strange things here on the Oregon coast. When we first moved here five years ago, it seemed like these oddball occurrences were more frequent than they are now. Maybe we're just adjusting. I remember being amazed to see pedestrians just step out into traffic with such faith that everyone would stop. And the cars did stop without complaint. Where we were living before, in the Orlando area, stepping out into traffic was a good way to get killed. In fact, I used to work near a road that had the highest fatality rate for pedestrians in the country. But now, it's not unusual to see traffic stopped in both directions on 101 while someone moseys across. But I saw something unique the other day at the crosswalk. I was about three cars back, so I couldn't see at first who was crossing, but it was taking quite some time. Then I caught a glimpse of a chicken that was crossing the road. Of course, I immediately asked "why?" There was a bar there on the corner, which doesn't explain the chicken, but I had to look to see if any stereotypes were walking into it in groups of three.


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