Sunday, October 12, 2008


What’s up, Doc?
Here are some print ornaments that we made this week. We’ll be back to making hand-painted originals again next week…
Jo has been working and working on this giant side project that we have going on this week. If fact, she’s still working. She wants to rest, but she’s propped open her eyes with toothpicks like in the cartoons. She tried painting a bed on the floor to rest on in desperation, but I erased it with my giant eraser. She drew a tunnel on the wall to escape through, but I had it booby trapped with an anvil on a rope. A package just arrived containing a rocket and some roller skates. Wonder what she’s up to now.
This week is nearly done, then it will be back to our regular schedules. Well, maybe not. Jo has to build an after school art program from the ground up next week. No rest for the wicked. . .or for us.


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