Sunday, January 4, 2009


Here’s the art, my friends…

Jo got me a sketchbook and some colored pencils for Christmas, which has led to some new experiences for me. In case you’re not familiar with our artistic relationship, Jo does all the designing, painting, and other arty stuff. I do the sewing, photography, and business stuff. So drawing is really new to me. I didn’t draw much as a kid, and the few times I tried as an adult, I got discouraged at how kidlike my drawings looked. Now, I’ve embraced the odd shapes my fumbling hands can make, and discovered that drawing is quite relaxing. Here’s a drawing I did on New Years day whose perspective is a bit skewed, I admit.
It started out as a rough sketch of a puppet set for a music video I’m currently building that looks like the Rolling Stone’s Rock and Roll Circus. Once the drawing was done, I couldn’t sit still until I had drawn my Dylan puppet, slapped a photo of my face on it, and animated the whole thing. It may take a few moments for the animation to start depending on your internet speed.
Hope you’re having fun too.



fiddlestixstudios said...

WOW!I love your drawing-it is very clever&interesting!I LOVE puppets&jointed dolls!Keep us updated,on your new drawing adventures!

goatgoddess said...

That is great - very cool and adding the movement really makes it stand out!
good for you for drawing again.