Sunday, January 11, 2009


One…Two…You know what to do…

Our lives have changed completely ever since the article about us was published in Cloth Paper Scissors. I can hardly buy anything with my credit card anymore without being asked for my autograph. The other day, some girl insisted on taking my picture when I was just out renewing my driver’s license. Jo says I’m delusional, but it’s probably just jealousy talking.
We are trying to expand into areas we haven’t treaded on before. It’s a new year, so we want some new experiences. We’ve put out our first pattern, which will be followed by many more, I’m sure. My records are on iTunes and Amazon MP3 now, and I’ve been spending a lot more time in the garage working on a music video. On Saturday, I’m going to help Jo’s dad build a levee, so his house will hopefully stop getting flooded every time the creek swells out of control. New experiences are good for you. They make you feel like a different person, even if your driver’s license photo looks like the same old goof.


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Kipik said...

just visited your own website: oh my Gohd! you guys are amazing. It soooo makes me want to become an independant artist even though i know you do strugle some time... it seems worth it! it?