Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hi there.
Here are our auctions for the week…

Jo tricked me this week. It's like when you pretend to throw a stick to a dog and laugh as he chases a non-existent stick. We said we were going to take time off this week, but every time I looked up (from my search for the invisible stick) Jo was working on more patterns. Then each day just before the sun went down, she'd suggest that we immediately take some out of town trip, of which I was to do all of the driving. I may seem like a spur of the moment kind of guy because of the random things I blurt out to no one in particular, but the idea of driving at night without a clear destination doesn't really appeal to me. It seems like it should be fun… if you get your information from chick flicks. If we were just two dimensional characters in a movie, Jo would "whoohoo" and throw her cell phone out the car window, just before we'd both start singing into a hair brush. Then we'd go clothes shopping and…well, I don't have to explain it. I'm sure you're familiar with the montage.
But it's never really like that, is it?



Kipik said...

well erh... maybe but... I'm kinda like joe... try it!?!?! It just might be fun! (Just find a really old cell phone you're not using anymore). I love wek-end driving!

Kipik said...

PS- I will ALWAYS keep that sweet wooden doll you made from years ago. It's a talisment, a testomony that I recognised your talent even back then!

Candace said...

Oh yes, my husband could tell you stories! I am like Jo...whoo-hoo! Let's go!
Hey, this is the first time I've seen your site and after just a glimpse I'm enthralled!