Monday, March 2, 2009


Hello, friends.
Here’s what we made this week. Wait, we didn’t make it this week. We made it in November to send to a gallery in New York. Now it’s home for the week until it’s sold and shipped off to someone else’s home. Why does everything leave us?

Sorry for that little personal meltdown earlier in the newsletter. I’m feeling much better now. It’s just that colleges around the country are courting our little girl. I go to the PO BOX everyday praying for bills, but it’s always overflowing with college advertisements full of pictures of laughing students that don’t even look old enough to operate automobiles. Automobiles? I am really that old???
Yes, you are.
With all of this talk of college, Jo and I have been talking about what life will be like when both the kids are off to college. I think the general consensus is that we should get rid of 99% of our junk and take our business on the road in an RV or whatever type of spaceship is available in five years. Or we could catch freight trains and drink corn whisky depending on which way the economy goes. I’ll let you know what we decide when we get to newsletter #459.



Tracy M. said...
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Tracy M. said...

I like the RV idea. That's what I'd like to do someday.
Take Care,

Rima said...

Hello Dylan .. I haven't been over here before, but am a regular at Jo's blog :) Your work is for me the creme de la creme of the folky arty primitive stylee realm.
And bravo for the RV idea... it's great fun I can testify, as we are doing it in the UK right now!
I write from a house on wheels!
All best wishes