Sunday, April 19, 2009


Howdy, all.
Here’s the art…

Today is my birthday. Notice the lack of exclamation points. If I went by years, I’d be 36 today. But I prefer to gauge youth and age by a more accurate unit of measurement…crazy eyebrow hairs. I’m at the stage now where I have them, but still do something about them. Once a man loses the will to fight them, he might as well join the rest of the owls in the military history section of the bookstore.

I spent a couple of days this week working on a music video for some friends of mine that travel around playing gigs as an acoustic duo. I wanted them to have a video to show club owners who might want to book them, and I also wanted to give my new HD camera and editing program a test run before I shoot my own music video. I got some natural light bulbs, some white foam boards, and dismantled an old electric drum kit to build the light stands.

We shot the performance from several angles, then I edited them together to hopefully make it look like a single performance. Here ‘tis…
(don’t forget to hit the HD button on youtube’s video player if your internet speed permits)

See you next week…



Lesley said...

Happy birthday for the 19th. Hope you had a great day!
Just dropping by from Perth, Western Australia.
I'm looking forward to seeing more about your video, and the production itself. I'm a great admirer of the dolls and strange creatures you and Jo make.

rockriverstitches said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I've been a huge fan of yours for quite some time now. The music video of your friends was great!! If they were in my area I would go see them. Loved the song. I've always wished I could play the guitar. Maybe some day.