Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here’s the art…finally.

So…this newsletter is going out a little late this week. We had a few pieces that weren’t quite finished on Sunday, so I wanted to wait for them to all be done and listed today before I pestered you. One of the auctions that started today is for the “Dancy Pants Trio”. I think this may be the first time that we ended up naming the finished art piece after the name we had given the pattern. Yes, we name our pattern shapes so that Jo and I can talk about what we’re going to make and have a common vocabulary to do so. Other pattern names include: Sprout, Stumpy, Long Tall Sally, and Mini-Weird Bunny. As you can see, we cut to the chase on naming these things after their attributes. Now that I think about it, Jo and I do this for people around town too…especially when we don’t know their names. Mr. Green Jeans and Faux-Hawk come to mind. I wonder what people are calling me. Freckles? Curly? Short Pants McGee?


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