Monday, June 8, 2009


Hello, everyone!
Here’s that familiar link, with all of its glorious slashes, odd capitalizations, and nonsensical letter combinations.

I’m sorry I lied to you last week. I said we’d be listing more on Tuesday, and we never did. I had the auctions all ready to go too, then I must have spaced it at show time. I have a hard time telling one day from the next since I‘ve used the same Far Side calendar since 1983. I have to remind myself every year, “If there’s a tree inside, that means it’s Christmas.”
I’ve been busy this week editing the first song of my music video trilogy…not that it’s completely shot yet. In true Cart Before The Horse fashion, I began editing the middle of the song shortly after beginning to shoot it. I’ll call Jo over every five minutes to show her what minor detail I’ve amended since the last time she was foolish enough to walk by me. “No see…before, his foot was on the trapeze until the guitar solo…and now it’s not.”



P.S. Yes, my video has a puppet doing a trapeze act in the middle of it. Deal with it.

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Kipik said...

you're funny. not "funny haha!", "Funny-wonderful!"