Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hello, campers.
Here’s the art!

This week’s newsletter is going out a couple of days late because I completely lost track of what day it was. I do have a good excuse, though. Jo and I are running a one camper summer camp this week for a friend of ours that is an up and coming artist. Matt is a friend of ours from Florida that now lives here in Oregon and is going to try to make a living with his art. So Jo and I thought we’d set him up for the week here with us since we had an open room. Our daughter has gone off to some strange camp to study American government or something. So while she’s there having flag ceremonies in white gloves (whose kid is she anyway???) we’re here helping Matt learn how to take good pictures of his art, create logos, write a blog, etc. His art is made from used skateboard decks that he has shaped and sanded into something very original. We’ll let you know where you can see his art near the end of the week, if I can manage to keep track of when that is.


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