Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hello, friends. We’ve got one original piece listed now (along with some print ornaments and patterns), but there will be more original art listed on Tuesday for a five day auction.

Like I mentioned last week, we had a house guest for the week that we were helping set up a website, blog, and etsy shop for his art. He was the type of house guest that was washing our dishes every time we turned around, and had to be talked out of vacuuming a perfectly clean room before departing. So if you’d like to check out his art, you can start here.
Hopefully some of you may even end up hanging some of his art on your wall or on the wall of someone you love.

Our art, however, is running late for the party, but will be here on Tuesday. We’ve got a lot of interesting pieces on the way, including a conjoined twins mermaid, and a donkey bird. The donkey bird was inspired by this drawing our son did.

He has already mentioned royalties, but backed down when we presented receipts for fourteen years worth of food.
See you on Tuesday when the rest of the art gets listed…


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