Monday, June 29, 2009


Hi there, art fans.
Here's what Jo and I worked on this week…

Apart from that, I spent some time this week toiling away at my silly music video. I'm editing it and shooting it at the same time, which has some real advantages. If I feel like something is missing, I can just go back out to the set and create whatever it is that I think it needs. This week I felt like a skeleton cameraman and a giant film camera should be caught in some of the shots trying unsuccessfully to get out of the way. The camera is made of a broken cd player, a work light, and a license plate. It's attached to a set of wheels that I cannibalized from an office chair, so it can roll around and pivot just like those old studio cameras.

The skeleton is made of paper clay, cloth, and wood. He also has a pair of headphones made of paint bottle lids.

I've had a rule ever since I was a kid that I try to be true to whenever possible..."If you have to buy something, it's cheating." This rule usually leads me to disassemble many of our possessions and repurpose them, leading to Jo's question that she's had since we got married..."Can't we have nice things?"